We are thrilled to welcome everyone home and can’t wait to see you! We are enacting special guidelines for the current productions and our paramount concern is the health and safety of our guests, actors, and staff. Please note that these guidelines have been created to adhere to the current local, state, and federal recommendations in addition to our own abundance of caution. Due to the evolving nature of the current climate, we will continually make adjustments to our guidelines - so please be sure to check this page again before your visit.


Updated 7/19/2021


Why is your first production outdoors?

We wanted to create an environment that could accommodate the most guests and offer the greatest opportunity for a safe return. Bathroom facilities will be available inside the Tower Grove Abbey.


Why are tickets so limited?

Because we are practicing physically distanced seating, we are unable to accommodate our typical audience size.


Do I have to adhere to physical distancing everywhere?

We ask that you do your best to practice physical distancing while at Tower Grove Abbey.


What about masks?

We are requiring that masks be worn by all guests whenever they are are not in their seats. This includes visiting the concession stand and using the restrooms indoors. All staff will be masked, however, the actors will not.


Is it safe for the actors to be unmasked?

All actors have been fully vaccinated. However, we are placing the first seats a considerable distance from the stage and actors will not interact with the audience.


How does “pod” seating work?

Pre-designated groups of two and four seats have been placed six feet apart. Guests will be seated starting with the “pods” at the front of the stage in the order of their arrival.


I’m attending with several people, will I be able to sit with them?

We will do our best to seat you with - or close to - your social group, however, the seating has been specifically arranged to facilitate physical distancing and we can not guarantee any seating positions.


Are you offering any refreshments?

We will offer a selection of prepared, individually packaged snacks, beverages, and cocktails. At this time, nothing will be made or served as in the past. We ask that you do not bring personal refreshments with you.


What changes have you made to your facility?

The Tower Grove Abbey has undergone an extensive deep clean and will continue to be sanitized before and after each performance. In addition, we have installed UV germicidal lights in all of our HVAC systems and hand sanitizer is available throughout the facility.


What if I’m not feeling well?

We ask that if you are not feeling well on the date of your performance that you stay home and let us know by calling the Box Office at (314) 865-1995 or emailing us at


If I stay home because I’m not feeling well, what happens to my ticket?

We will do our best to move your ticket to another performance, barring remaining dates and availability. If we are unable to find a suitable replacement, you have the option to give the ticket to a friend (just have them pick it up under your name) or you may donate it back to the theatre. We unfortunately cannot offer refunds.