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With the New Works Laboratory, the audience, performers, and writer all take part in the play development process. The writer creates the script, the actors translate the page to the stage, and audience members exchange immediate and uncensored reaction to the play, providing all with insight into further development of the product. Playwrights with a unique vision, innovative subject matter, and diverse perspectives are thus given a voice which otherwise might never be afforded to them in the contemporary world of performing arts. 



July 12-13 | 8PM

Oliver, a gay man in his 40’s, suddenly finds himself down on his luck without a roommate to assist with his dwindling finances.  Aaron, Oliver’s long-ago ex-lover and now friend is healing from a terrible divorce from his current husband.  Seizing upon both of their complicated situations, Oliver has Aaron move in as his new roommate.  Maddy, the meddlesome downstairs neighbor, is not wild about the idea and attempts to thwart the union.  When Danny, Oliver’s second ex unexpectedly shows up at Oliver’s door looking for a few nights stay for himself and his crazy theatre troupe, things begin to heat up.  Throw in an over the top diva actress, Maddy’s rambunctious Irish husband Cal, an Eastern European female spy of a certain age, and her two henchmen, and watch as the fur begins to fly.

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