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AIM Program Handbook - 2020-10
AIM Emergency Response - 2020-09
ARCHS Media Release - 2020-09
SLPS Reopening Plan - 2020-09

Arts-In-Mind is excited to offer virtual after school programming every day that school is in session. After being enrolled in the program use the information below to join the online after school session.

ARTS-IN-MIND ONLINE | February 17-19, 2021

Meeting ID: 882 8770 7012
The passcode should have been shared by a staff member.

We are requesting that everyone participating in the virtual program use the Zoom background located at the following link:

For more detailed instructions please use the information provided at the following link:

For more information about enrollment, call the Stray Dog Theatre office: (314) 865-1995.

To contact an Arts-In-Mind (AIM) Site during the school year:

Buder Elementary School

5319 Lansdowne Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63109
AIM Contact Phone Number: (314) 792-5428

Mason Elementary School

6031 Southwest Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63139

AIM Contact Phone Number: (314) 496-5136

Meramec Elementary School

2745 Meramec Street, Saint Louis, MO 63118

AIM Contact Phone Number: (314) 797-9257

Mullanphy Elementary School

4221 Shaw Boulevard, Saint Louis, MO 63110
AIM Contact Phone Number: (314) 276-9039

Woerner Elementary School

6131 Leona Street, Saint Louis, MO 63116

AIM Contact Phone Number: (314) 496-7346

Woodward Elementary School

725 Bellerive Boulevard, Saint Louis, MO 63111

AIM Contact Phone Number: (314) 797-9258

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