New Works Lab

With the New Works Laboratory, the audience, performers and writer all take part in the play development process. The writer creates the script, the actors translate the page to the stage and audience members exchange immediate and uncensored reaction to the play, providing all with insight into further development of the product. Playwrights with a unique vision, innovative subject matter, and diverse perspectives are thus given a voice—which otherwise might never be afforded to them in the contemporary world of performing arts. The plays selected are showcasing new, full-length works that are near-ready-for-production.

This season’s New Works Laboratory production will feature Four Sugars by St. Louis playwright, Stephen Peirick.  Production is slated for August 21, 22, & 23, 2014.

About The Play

Four Sugars takes place in present day Hollywood and follows the lives of married couple Travis and Alyse, who are more “Will & Grace” than “Ross & Rachel.” He is gay, and she knew it from the get-go. Alyse, hailing from Canada, just needed her green-card, but wasn’t quite yet ready to marry her real-life boyfriend, Ryan.
As the play begins, it’s been nearly three years, and Travis and Alyse will soon be divorced. With that milestone looming, Travis meets a new man, who, much to his surprise, has the potential to be something long-term – something that has escaped him his entire adult life.
At the same time, Alyse realizes that boyfriend Ryan doesn’t seem capable of maturing into an actual adult, and decides to end things and tackle life as a single girl. But, of course, no decision is ever that easy, and before she can start her Carrie Bradshaw-esque life, she finds herself purchasing a pregnancy test…

Stray Dog Theatre’s New Works Laboratory is free of charge; however, an opportunity to donate toward the evening’s production is available. Audience feedback following the show is strongly encouraged through a brief talk-back session, hosted by Gary F. Bell, Stray Dog Theatre’s Artistic Director and the Director/Playwright, Stephen Peirick.

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If you would like to submit your work for consideration as a future New Works Laboratory production,  please contact Artistic Director Gary F. Bell at (314) 865-1995 for submission details.