Stray Dog Theatre (SDT) celebrates 2015-16 as a Saint Louis professional theatre and is holding non-Equity auditions for the three plays of their Thirteenth Season! As always, Stray Dog Theatre honors diversity and non-traditional casting practices.

Devil Boys From Beyond

By Buddy Thomas and Ken Elliott. Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. Directed by Gary F. Bell.

Men are from Mars; women are from Venus; all the rest are from Pluto. A high-camp parody of ‘50s B-movies and trashy romance novels, mixed with a dash of “Adult Swim” cartoon. Fold in a heaping portion of screwball comedy and stir gently – but keep it lumpy! A campy Charles Busch-type show. FOR MATURE AUDIENCES.

Performances: Opens December 3, 2015 and closes December 19, 2015. 8:00pm Thursdays through Saturdays. Matinee on Saturday, December 19 at 2:00pm.

First Rehearsal: October 25, 2015. Evenings and weekends. Must rehearse through Thanksgiving holiday.
Play Audition: See “TO SCHEDULE AN AUDITION” below.


Matilda Van Buren (Female, 30s-40s, All ethnicities) Star reporter, and legend in her own mind.

Gregory Graham (Male, 30s-40s, All ethnicities) Burnt out ace photographer and booze hound.


Gilbert Wiatt (Male, 30s-40s, All ethnicities) A tough New York City newspaper editor.

Lucinda Marsh (Female, 30s-40s, All ethnicities) A headline chasing Grande-dame with a nose for news.. but she’s seen better days.

Florence Wexler (Female or Male in drag, 30s-40s, All ethnicities) A little Southern woman with a big secret.

Dotty Primrose (Female or Male in drag, 30s-40s, All ethnicities) Ancient proprietor of the Evening Primrose Motor Lodge.

Harry Wexler (Male, 20s, All ethnicities) Florence’s husband….or is he? Handsome and fit.

Jack Primrose (Male, 20s, All ethnicities) Sheriff of Lizard Lick, and Dotty’s husband….we think. Handsome and fit.

I’ll Be Back Before Midnight

By Peter Colley. Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. Directed by Gary F. Bell.

A spine-tingling tale laced with Agatha Christie-style suspense and Hitchcock-like thrills. Having suffered a nervous breakdown, Jan retreats with her husband to an old, country farmhouse where the owner delights in telling gruesome ghost stories. Before long, eerie sounds and visions are tormenting Jan. Is she suffering another breakdown…or is someone trying to drive her mad?

Performances: Opens February 4, 2016 and closes February 20, 2016. 8:00pm Thursdays through Saturdays. Matinee on Saturday, February 20 at 2:00pm.

First Rehearsal: January 3, 2015. Must rehearse over the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Evenings and weekends.
Audition: See “TO SCHEDULE AN AUDITION” below. 


Jan Sanderson (Female, Late 20s, All ethnicities) Pretty, delicate and vulnerable. A very trusting soul, deeply insecure, prone to panic attacks, but is in fact a lot stronger than she thinks. She’s in the mold of Audrey Hepburn in “Wait Until Dark” or Mia Farrow in “Rosemary’s Baby. The role entails firing a shotgun and she must be able to scream without losing her voice.
Greg Sanderson (Male, Early 30s, All ethnicities) Greg is a Ph.D. student. He is quite handsome despite a stiff academic exterior. He can be disarmingly klutzy at times, distant and preoccupied at others. He views the world from a cool, scientific perspective, though cracks in his protective shield do appear - especially in his troubled relationship with his sister Laura.
Laura Sanderson (Female, 30s, All ethnicities) Laura is strikingly beautiful, sophisticated, cool and distant by nature, although capable of turning on the charm when she feels it will serve her purpose. A businesswoman and has little time for Jan’s vulnerability, although in her own way she is just as vulnerable.
George Willowby (Male, 50s, All ethnicities) George is on the surface a loveable old farmer who loves to spin tall tales - especially to city folk. He has an easy and often raucous laugh, especially at his own jokes. He develops a warm relationship with Jan but, as we discover, he has his demons too. He can be scary when he gets angry. The role requires a fight sequence.

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

By Alan Ball. Presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc. Directed by Gary F. Bell.

During a grandiose wedding reception at a Southern estate, five identically clad bridesmaids hide out in an upstairs bedroom. Each woman has a different reason for avoiding the festivities below. As the afternoon wears on, they find a common bond in a joyously irreverent and touching celebration of the female spirit.

Performances: Opens June 9, 2016 and closes June 25, 2015. 8:00pm Thursdays through Saturdays. Matinee on Saturday, June 25 at 2:00pm.

First Rehearsal: May 8, 2016. Must rehearse over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Evenings and weekends.
Audition: See “TO SCHEDULE AN AUDITION” below.


Frances (Female, 20s, All ethnicities) A painfully sweet but sheltered Christian fundamentalist—naive. A cousin of the bride.

Georgeanne (Female, 30s, All ethnicities) An unhappily married lady. She acts out in outrageous ways. An old school chum of the bride and Trisha.

Meredith (Female, 20s, All ethnicities) The rebellious younger sister of the bride. She’s athletic, edgy, a wild child with attitude to spare.

Mindy (Female, late 20s-30s, All ethnicities) The lesbian sister of the groom. She’s cheerful but gets in her share of zingers, a lot of wisecracks.

Trisha (Female, 30s, All ethnicities) The bride’s sorority sister and lifelong friend, a worldly woman who knows how to be beautiful, but she’s jaded and cynical. Has her eye on a younger bad-boy usher.

Tripp (Male, late 20s-early 30s, All ethnicities) Real name is Griffin Lyle Davenport III. He’s a cousin of the groom, age 29, and an usher.


Email: (No phone calls, please.)

1.) First and last name,

2.) Contact phone number, 

3.) Desired appointment time,

4.) The show(s) you are considering.

Appointment Dates/Times:
Saturday, June 6, 2015 | 11:00am – 3:00pm (Audition space opens at 10:30am)

Sunday, June 7, 2015 | 11:00am – 3:00pm (Audition Space opens at 10:30am)

Monday, June 8, 2014 | 7:00pm – 10:00pm (Audition Space opens at 6:30pm)

Casting Authority: Gary F. Bell

For Your Appointment

Location: Tower Grove Abbey, 2336 Tennessee Ave., Saint Louis, Missouri 63104 (Off-street parking at lot north of the Abbey.)
Arrive at scheduled audition 15 minutes early to complete necessary paperwork.
Provide up to three resumes/headshots, even if you have been seen at SDT before. (One headshot/resume per production.)

A: Prepare one 2-3 minute comedic monologue for “Devil Boys…” or “Five Women…” One 2-3 minute dramatic monologue would be ideal if interested in “I’ll Be Back Before Midnight.”
B: If auditioning with a prepared monologue, you may also be asked by the casting director to read a side from the play(s).
C: Your Audition appointment will also serve as your Call Back.
D: Provide one headshot & resume for each show for which you are auditioning.

A HELPFUL AUDITION NOTE: To assist you in having the best audition possible, it is highly advised that you research the play(s) and character(s) for which you are auditioning.