Musical Auditions

Stray Dog Theatre (SDT) celebrates 2014-15 as a Saint Louis professional theatre and is holding non-Equity auditions for the three musicals of their Twelfth Season! As always, Stray Dog Theatre honors diversity and non-traditional casting practices.


Music and Lyrics by David Nehls. Book by Betsy Kelso.

Regional Premier! In this sequel to the original show [the runaway hit of 2013 at Stray Dog Theatre], Betty, Lin and Pickles jingle all the way with some new neighbors in Florida’s Armadillo Acres Mobile Home Park. All is calm and bright with holiday beer until the local Scrooge is stricken by a freak bout of amnesia, putting neighborly love to the test. Just as much cat-fightin’, sun-worshippin’, chair-throwin’ as the first, but with tinsel and Keg Nog to boot!

Performances: Opens December 4, 2014 and closes December 20, 2014. 8:00pm Thursdays through Saturdays. Additional performances at 8:00pm Wednesdays, December 10 & 17 and one matinee at 2:00pm, Saturday, December 20, 2014.
First Rehearsal: October 26, 2014. Must rehearse through Thanksgiving holiday week/weekend. Evenings and weekends.




The roles of LIN and PICKLES will be reprised by actresses from 2013.

BETTY (Female, 40 - 50-something, G below mid C to 2nd E above mid C, All ethnicities.)
Part hard-ass, part mother hen, she’s the leasing manager at the trailer park and she makes it her business to know everything about everybody who passes through. Of all “The Girls,” Betty is the most grounded, earthy and drywitted.

DARLENE SEWARD (Female, late 20s to late 30s, low A to Eb, All ethnicities)
Darlene is a year-round “Scrooge.” She hates everybody and everything all the time and isn’t afraid to show it. But underneath her hard exterior is a wounded girl who once believed in true love and Christmas magic. That ended when a terrible accident happened one icy Christmas Eve in another place, another time. But Darlene won’t even have to leave the trailer park to get jolted out of her anger and start believing in things again, because Armadillo Acres’ heavy-handed use of Christmas lights brings extra special excess voltage.

RUFUS JETER (Male, late 20s to late 30s, low A to high G, All ethnicities)
Rufus is best described as a redneck with a heart of gold. Well-liked around the trailer park, he spends most of his downtime fashioning “art” out of found objects. He’ll finish off a six-pack as fast as the next guy, but the next guy won’t see the artistic potential in the empties that Rufus can. It will take him by surprise when this unique ability extends to his grumpy neighbor Darlene - a woman he usually refers to in words that would land most people on Santa’s “other” list.

JACKSON “JACKIE” BOUDREUAX (Male, 40 to 50-something, low B to high G, All ethnicities)

Jackie is a self-made man and an all-American success story. He took a simple idea and turned it into a thriving local breastaurant chain. Unapologetically capitalistic, Jackie doesn’t discriminate - money is money no matter whose pockets it’s comin’ out of. But Jackie plays to win and he has a possessive side. This comes out when he returns from a business trip to find his girlfriend acting like a completely different person altogether.


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Rupert Holmes.

This raucous show within a show kicks off when a hilariously loony Victorian musical troupe “puts on” its flamboyant rendition of an unfinished Charles Dickens mystery. Each performance ends differently depending on how the audience chooses to finish the story that Dickens didn’t!

Performances: Opens April 2, 2015 and closes April 18, 2015. 8:00pm Thursdays through Saturdays. Additional performances at 8:00pm Wednesdays, April 8 & 15 and one matinee at 2:00pm, Saturday, April 18, 2015.
First Rehearsal: February 22, 2015. Evenings and weekends.



The actors in this production have two parts: their actor-self as a member of the Music Hall Royale, and the part they play in the Music Hall’s production of The Mystery of Edwin Drood. In the descriptions below, the Drood role is listed first, with the acting company member role second.

All characters have British accents – variations like Cockney, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, etc are fine as well.


MR. WILLIAM CARTWRIGHT, CHAIRMAN/MAYOR THOMAS SAPSEA (Male, 40+, Baritone D#3 – F#4, All ethnicities)
The leader of the music hall troupe. The Chairperson carries the majority of the dialogue and must be quick with a joke and able to improvise. S/he is in charge of keeping the pace of the show moving. Unexpectedly fills in as the Mayor character in Drood when another actor fails to show up.

PRINCESS PUFFER/MISS ANGELA PRYSOCK (Female, 40+, Serious Low Alto F3 – D5, All ethnicities)
Angela has been a favorite of London audiences forever, a staple of the stage. As the mysterious Princess Puffer, Madam, opium dealer and general purveyor of vice of all kinds, she is glamorous in her ruin. A suspect.

ROSA BUD/MISS DEIRDRE PEREGRINE (Female, 18 to 30, Legit Soprano A3 – B5 with a high B natural that can’t be avoided, All ethnicities)
The not-so-innocent ingénue of the Music Hall Royale, Deirdre portrays the love interest of Drood, the young, beautiful and apparently fragile Rosa Bud. She is betrothed to Edwin Drood, the only man who isn’t in love with her. A suspect in his murder.

EDWIN DROOD/MISS ALICE NUTTING (Female, 20s to mid-30s, Legit Mezzo B3 – E5, All ethnicities)
Prima donna and London’s leading male impersonator, charming but, as you might expect, with determination and a lot of ego. Must command the stage. As Edwin Drood, she is an attractive, rich, and popular young man who has everything. The victim.

JOHN JASPER/MR. CLIVE PAGET (Male, late 20s to mid-40s, Bari-tenor C3 – G4, All ethnicities)
The Royale’s male lead, a devilishly attractive cad, and knows it. In Drood, he is the baddie. Choirmaster of Cloisterham Cathedral, and uncle of Edwin Drood. In love with Rosa Bud. Madness lurks beneath smooth exterior. Strictly speaking, a suspect, but didn’t do it. 


NEVILLE LANDLESS/MR. VICTOR GRINSTEAD (Male, 20s, Bari-tenor A2 – A4, All ethnicities)

Victor is enjoying his premier performance with the Music Hall Royale. His character, Neville, is Helena’s brother and suffers from the same ”geographically untraceable” approximation of an East Asian accent. Falls for Rosa Bud, falls out with Edwin, and is therefore another suspect in the murder. Very passionate and often angry.

REVEREND CHRISPARKLE/MR. CEDRIC MONCRIEFFE (Male, 30+, Baritone C3 – G4, All ethnicities)
This troupe member is a bit of an open book who plays an archetypal vicar, who is also a bit of a lurker, and was in love with Rosa’s mother. A suspect.

BAZZARD/MR. PHILLIP BAX (Male, Any Age, Bari-tenor A2 – Eb4 [opt G4 or Bb4], All ethnicities)
Devotee of the theatre, the everlasting understudy, who finally gets his moment. May have quite a major part if the evening turns out that way. A sad sort of clown. A suspect.

DURDLES/MR.NICK CRICKER (Male, 30+, Baritone or Tenor B2 – F4, All ethnicities)
”Clown Prince of the Royale” who makes the most of every line and plays the drunkard sexton in Drood. Gets to announce the murderer.

HELENA LANDLESS/MISS JANET CONOVER (Female, late 20s to 40s, Mezzo G3 – D5 [optional E5], All ethnicities)
Janet is a long-standing member of the acting troupe, asked to play the mysterious Helena Landless who hails from a mysterious foreign colony not unlike India. Will need to switch between her British accent and a “geographically untraceable” approximation of an East Asian accent. Another suspect.

DEPUTY/MASTER NICK/NICOLE CRICKER (Male/Female, Under 25, Any Vocal Rage, All ethnicities)
As the Deputy, lowest in the pecking order, and very funny.

Takers of Chorus roles in Drood, along with other non-suspects, will be important characters throughout, taking much of the responsibility for making the audience participation work, and working individually with sections of the audience. In addition, these characters are vital in creating the atmosphere. Lots of scope for creation of individual characters.

8 Chorus Members (Male/Female, 20s-30s, Various Vocal Ranges, All ethnicities)



Music, Lyrics and Book by Gary F. Bell and Robert L. White. Original Orchestrations by Christopher Thomas.

World Premier! The story of a young woman’s search for inner strength and self-acceptance is told as a clever mash-up of fables and fairy tales.  Arabella takes a wondrous and transcendent journey through the mythical land of Samaren where at every turn she is thwarted by an evil enchantress, shape-shifting beasts and a plethora of magic potions.  Full of humor and adventure – with a contemporary nod to many diverse cultures – this world premiere musical is not to be missed!

Performances: Opens August 6, 2015 and closes August 22, 2015. 8:00pm Thursdays through Saturdays. Additional performances at 8:00pm on Wednesdays, August 12 & 19 and one matinee at 2:00pm, Saturday, August 22, 2015.

First Rehearsal: June 28, 2015. Must rehearse over the Independence Day holiday. Evenings and weekends.

NOTE:  Spellbound! A Musical Fable is an original musical by SDT Artistic Director Gary F. Bell and Robert L. White with arrangements by Christopher Thomas. Those cast in this musical will need to be available for several read-throughs and workshops prior to the rehearsal period.




ARABELLA (Female, Teens-Early 20s, Wide-Range Low A – Belt C (D), All Ethnicities)
A feisty spirited young woman looking for her way in the world. She faces many obstacles on her journey to find herself. Her greatest foe is her stepmother who fears Arabella’s authenticity and good heart.

LAYLA  (Female, 35+, Wide-Range Low E to F, All Ethnicities)
A banished evil enchantress who practices black magic. A handsome woman with a fiery temperament. Arabella’s stepmother.

INAAMBURA (Female, 35+, Wide-Range Belter Low A – Belt D, All Ethnicities)
A majestic diviner who practices white magic. A distant cousin of Layla, Inaambura does whatever is in her power to assist Arabella on her journey.

BANGABABO (Male, 35+, Baritone – High G, All Ethnicities)
A weak-willed, mild mannered man under Layla’s control. Arabella’s father.

CHIEF CHANGAMIRE (Male, 35+, Baritone – High G, All Ethnicities)
A jolly kind Sage who rules the mythical country of Samaren. Adama’s father.

ADAMA (Male, Teens-Early 20s, Tenor – High G, All Ethnicities)
A philandering, pompous charmer who thinks only of himself. Chief Changamire’s son. [Also plays THE BENGAL TIGER Lives in The Brambles.  A shape-shifter, half man / half tiger. Talks like Cary Grant.]


MUCHANETA (MUNCHIE) (Female, Teens-Early 20s, Wide-Range Low G to F, All Ethnicities)
A spoiled, egocentric girl. Arabella’s stepsister.

KOKUMO (KOKO) (Female, Teens-Early 20s, Wide-Range Low G to F, All Ethnicities)
A spoiled, egocentric girl.  Arabella’s stepsister.

DEW DROP (Male or Female, Any Age, Vocal Range TBD, All Ethnicities)
A tiny, temperamental, sharp tongued, magical fairy. Inaambura’s sidekick.

CLOUD BURST (Male or Female, Any Age, Vocal Range TBD, All Ethnicities)
A tiny, temperamental, sharp tongued, magical fairy. Inaambura’s sidekick.

LOVELY (Male, Any Age, Vocal Range TBD, All Ethnicities)
A talking vessel/bottle who raps.  Layla’s most prized possession. Only Layla, Munchie, and Koko can hear Lovely speak.

A chorus of four women and four men to portray the following characters, villagers of Samaren, and carnival guests.  (Vocal Ranges and ages TBD, All Ethnicities)

2 HOWLERS (Male or Female, Any Age, Vocal Range TBD, All Ethnicities)
Adama’s personal messengers, shape-shifters, half man / half howler monkey.

RASPUTIN THE RAT (Male, Any Age, Vocal Range TBD, All Ethnicities)
Lives in The Brambles – The seedy part of Samaren, A shape-shifter, half man / half rat.  Talks like Edward G. Robinson.

LADY BIRD (Female, Any Age, Vocal Range TBD, All Ethnicities)
Lives in The Brambles, A shape-shifter, half woman / half bird. Resembles Mae West.

AMADEUS (Male, Any Age, Vocal Range TBD, All Ethnicities)
Lives in The Brambles, A shape-shifter, half man / half chimp. Lady Bird’s accompanist.

BUTCH (Male, Any Age, Vocal Range TBD, All Ethnicities)
Adama’s right-hand man and personal adviser.  A shape-shifter, half man / half dog.


Email: (No phone calls, please.)

1.) First and last name,

2.) Contact phone number,

3.) Desired appointment time,

4.) The show(s) you are considering.


Sunday, July 27, 2014 | 11:00am – 7:00pm (Audition Space opens at 10:30am)

Monday, July 28, 2014 | 7:00pm - 10:00pm (Audition Space opens at 6:30pm)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 | 7:00pm – 10:00pm (Audition Space opens at 6:30pm)

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not available for the listed audition times but are interested in auditioning, please let us know. The casting directors will consider those with an appointment first but if a role goes unfilled we will let you know about additional auditions.

Casting Authority:

 Gary F. Bell and Justin Been.

Musical Director: Chris Petersen

Choreographers: Jamie Lynn Eros and Zachary Stefaniak

For Your Appointment:

Location: Tower Grove Abbey, 2336 Tennessee Ave., Saint Louis, Missouri 63104 (Off-street parking at lot north of the Abbey.)

Arrive at scheduled audition 15 minutes early to complete necessary paperwork.

Provide up to three resumes/headshots, even if you have been seen at SDT before. (One headshot/resume per production.)

A: Prepare two songs. 16-32 bars of a pop/modern song and 16-32 bars of an up-tempo musical theatre song that showcases your vocal abilities. Accompanist provided. Bring sheet music marked and in the appropriate key. No recorded tracks, please. May be required to demonstrate belt and range.

B: If requested by casting directors, actor may be invited to perform a cold-reading from one of the musicals.

C: Dance auditions may be requested by the casting directors at the time of your appointment. Following your singing audition, you may be taught a simple choreographed number to present each hour with a small group of other auditioners. (Please bring appropriate dance attire in which you may change into.)

D: Provide one headshot & resume for each show for which you are auditioning.

A HELPFUL AUDITION NOTE: To assist you in having the best audition possible, it is highly advised that you research the musical(s) and character(s) for which you are auditioning.